Can I Ride My Bike During Lockdown? FAQ on UK Cycling Rules

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  1. Gary Moon says:

    Hi thanks for this, I’m still commuting as I’m a Key worker (social care)

  2. David Tobin says:

    I’m a postie and still get to commute at 5.30 , just starting to get sunshine. Glorious.

  3. Brady says:

    2 metres doesn’t sound enough when cycling at perhaps 12mph. If the person in front were to sneeze or cough you would be in the wake of that 3 times more quickly than if walking at 4mph. So perhaps we should be thinking 6 metres?

  4. Dan Back says:

    I like surfing, live 10mins drive from the beach and I’m not allowed to exercise 100m away from the nearest person in the Atlantic Ocean ….On the other hand cyclists can pair up and jolly off down often dangerous country lanes 2m apart and cover serious mileage, gobbing and puffing to their hearts content and that’s ok coz a surfer, should they get into difficulty could put rescue folks at risk…Is this really thought through ???? what a load of complete BS …this government is a joke.

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