Have You Seen This Stunning Park & Diamond Folding Bike Helmet?

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  1. Elliott Alexander says:

    It might seems the Park & Diamond company is one big scam. If not a scam, it is not being managed for the customers’ benefit. First of all, you pay for the helmet on IndieGogo and there no guarantee you will ever get the product (read the terms of your purchase). Second, I read the comments of the people who have purchased or rather invested in the company and many of them want refunds, but cannot get the refund. Third, I see the P & D helmet advertisements plastered all over the internet- seems the managers/owners are spending all of their income on trying to expand their already oversubscribed project, rather than supplying products to the existing investors. I wanted to purchase one or two of these helmets, but I refuse to throw my money into an empty pit. I’m afraid most or all of these investors are out of their money. Buyer beware. Do not throw your money away with this product. If you pay them for product, please read the terms of the contract as they are under no obligation to provide the product to you. If the company declares bankruptcy, your money is gone and you get no helmet.

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