The 3 Best Folding Bike Helmets for Commuters in 2019

One of the big challenges that helmet users face is carrying around their helmet when they are not using it. Unless your carrying a very spacious bag (that’s already not full), chances are, you’ll end up lugging around most helmets in your hand.

And that’s exactly why folding bike helmets have exploded in popularity in recent years. You’ve still got your protection when you need it, but when you’re off the bike, you can collapse it down so that it’s easier to store.

In a nutshell, folding bike helmets are the modern-day cyclist’s dream. Not only are they simply more ideal – you can fold them away into your bag straight after cycling – but they also look great, they are just as secure as normal helmets, and they don’t carry too much weight, either.

Sure, they might cost you a fair bit more than your usual helmet, but it’s always better to be than safe than sorry, and you can’t underestimate the importance of comfort and quality when it comes to keeping you well-protected while out on your bike.

Here’s Discerning Cyclist’s guide to the three best foldable bike helmets of 2019. These are sure to satisfy your every cycling need, keeping you safe on your commute to work or just while cycling for pleasure, while looking great and not weighing you down at the same time:

Most Stylish Folding Bike Helmet

Closca Helmet Loop – about £60

This helmet has almost everything you need. First off, it’s extremely safe – it will stay locked on to your head, even in the event of a collision. But it also won’t feel too heavy either; medium-sized helmets weight at just 340g, and large at only 375g.

We’ve reviewed Closca before and they’re now on their third generation helmet – which is getting significantly better every time.

It’s also a particularly adjustable design; when folded, it reduces in volume by 45 per cent, which takes less than a second to do. Its design also comes with an elastic band, so no matter what your head size is, you can make it fit comfortably.

Not only this, but the Closca also has its own ventilation system, proving you with a constant air flow. You can also choose up to 15 combinations of colours to personalise your helmet before ordering.

What more could you want from your bike helmet?

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Best-Designed Collapsible Bike Helmet

Park & Diamond Foldable Bike Helmet – Pre-Order

If you’re after a more fashionable look, the Park & Diamond helmet might be the one for you.

The company, based in Brooklyn, caused quite a stir on Indiegogo this year, raising over $2 million for their stylish folding helmets for cyclists.

Weighing only 8oz, this collapsible bike helmet is designed for extreme comfort and looks almost exactly a classic baseball cap.

The skin of the helmet is replaceable and its layers are hand-washable, meaning you’ll not only look great, but feel great with this folding bike helmet on your head during your cycle.

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Best Value Folding Helmet for Cyclists

Overade Folding Bike Helmet – £49.99 – £60

Whether you’re a commuting cyclist, a mountain biker or just a casual cyclist, no matter what type of cycling you are interested in, this folding bike helmet will have you sorted.

It folds to size 21 x 11 x 16 cm in seconds, becoming a third of its original volume, so will fit comfortably into your bag, and its adjustable straps again mean you can fix it to accommodate your head size, as well as coming with chin protection.

Weighing 440g for the small to medium helmets and 490g for the large to extra-large, it also comes with a fabric pouch enabling you to transport it easily while keeping it safe and secure.

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Do you have your own perfect folding bike helmet? Let us know in the comments below!

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