3 of the Best USB Charging Bike Lights for under £20

Can you really still be bothered with bike lights that constantly need their batteries replacing? What a huge waste of your precious time and money.

Why bother with all that hassle when you could simply buy a USB charging bike light? They take up precious little space, are very light, they are generally easy to clip on and off the front and back of your bike and you can easily pop ‘em in your pocket.

Not only this, but they can also be charged on the go – unlike bike lights requiring batteries, obviously – and are as safe and secure as any other light for cycling.

Regardless of the weather conditions you’re cycling in, these bike lights will do their best to prevent the risk of potential accidents, and eliminate the unnecessary worry of whether they will suddenly run out of power at any given moment.

If you’re particularly tired of repeatedly spending money on replacing your bike light’s batteries all the time, Discerning Cyclist can recommend you three products that will light up your street.

Whether it’s the best urban bike lights you’re after, or the best bike lights for commuting, these three should fit you and your bike like a glove.

Best USB Bike Lights for Battery Life

Cycleafer Rechargeable Bike Light – £19.99

With these light on your bike, you will always be seen no matter what the conditions are like. They are powered by a particularly eye-catching COB red-white flashing light, keeping you visible at all times.

The charging cable can power the lights for as long as eight hours and up to two or more hours on ‘High mode’, making the the best-selling bike lights available on Amazon.

Another of the biggest advantages of the Cycleafer bike lights is their ease of use – they can be clipped on to the front and rear of your bike in seconds and stay on securely. At just £19.99, they offers excellent value for money.

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Best for Ease of Use

Degbit Rechargeable Mountain Bike Light – £9.99

Boasting a brightness of 300 lumens, there is a far lower risk of being involved in any potential cycling accidents with these head and tail lights. Perfect for the road or for bumpier surfaces, they will give you a clear view of what’s in front of you without blinding those passing by you, either.

Taking only two hours at most to charge, the lights can be charged up from anywhere with a USB socket, so even while cycling, you could connect it to your mobile phone if it’s low on power.

Again, you won’t need to go to great lengths to attach them to your bike, either – they can easily be fastened on with no extra tools required, and can withstand even the most treacherous weather conditions.

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Best Waterproof Bike Light

Balhvit Super Bright Rechargeable Bicycle Lights – £9.99

Taking just three hours to fully charge, which will then keep you going for six hours, these LED head and tail lights will keep you completely visible no matter how dark it is; their built-in 400mAh lithium batteries keep them looking particularly bright.

They also offer the function of different light settings; you have the choice of constant full brightness, constant half brightness, blasting flash or stroboscopic, so you can adapt your lights depending on how they can best assist you during your cycle.

Also easy to secure as it is to use, the lights take no time at all to attach to your bike, with its flexible silicone straps keep them nice and tightly fastened, so bumpy roads won’t result in them falling off.

These lights are also waterproof, with even the USB port covered, making them ideal whatever the weather, and are extremely light on your bike, too.

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Do you have your own bike light that you can’t do without? Let us know in the comments below!

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