6 Tips to Safe and Enjoy Cycling Through Winter [INFOGRAPHIC]

While I don’t need to tell you the great thrills of cycling, it can be a little bit more challenging to maintain the enjoyment of your rides with sub-zero conditions, icy roads or hail flying into your face.

Staying warm and dry is key to your comfort (and health). So, make sure you layer up for winter rides with cosy base layers (merino wool <3) and waterproof tops and trousers. Gloves are also absolutely essential for cycling in the winter – and ideally wind and waterproof ones at that. Then there’s also footwear to consider – as there’s nothing worse than going through your day with soggy socks and shoes. For more tips on what to wear for winter rides, check out our Ultimate Survival Guide to Cycling in the Wet and Cold.

If you need to ride in icy conditions, either set up your ride with snow tyres, or, at very least, lower your tyre pressure to provide some extra grip and take your time when riding.

But, one of the most considerations to make when preparing for a winter ride is to make sure you can be seen. Whether it’s lights and/or high-vis, make sure other road users are well aware of you – and not just in the dark – but also on grey, misty and rainy days, when visibility can be extremely testing.

To help you with some handy tips to maximise your safety and enjoyment when cycling through winter, Slater & Gordon Personal Injury Lawyers have conducted a survey and come up with some handy tips for cold weather cycling with a quality infographic, which you can see below.

COMMENT BELOW: What are your own tips for staying safe when cycling through winter? And do you have any handy hacks to make riding on two wheels in the wet and cold?

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