Report: The UK’s Pothole Problem

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3 Responses

  1. Clive Durdle says:

    Filtered permeability. Use power law to work out vehicle taxes, licence trespass of vehicles over pavement crossovers to vehicle storage and charge proportionate licence fee.

  2. Ian Ross says:

    I think that it is obvious that the use of spot repairs just doesn’t work for the long term. It is a regular site to see a pot hole for weeks or months after reporting it. Eventually you’ll see some spray paint which indicates that action is being taken with the spot repair sometime later.
    Generally speaking, you then see a repair of dubious quality with the pothole reappearing within a very short period of time. Especially when the weather is wet.

    The answer is better investment in the road network. Especially rural and minor roads.

    Surely the Ashphalt industry can tell us if the best way to handle this?

    The local authorities will plead poverty do maybe some infrastructure investment from central government is what is needed?

    The temporary repair can be a temporary solution whilst the major infrastructure investment is managed.

    Let’s face it, we need to make it safer and easier for people to give up car journies. Until the quality of the roads improves and the provision of safe and considerate cycling routes is established then those shorter local journies will not convert.

  3. Simon Bayes says:

    Been passing about five huge holes on the Old Church Road Hainford, they have been there a month and only last year the council had to pay me £2100 to replace two wheels and tyres, unbeknown to me the holes also damaged the suspension but it was to late to claim. the first on the left would throw a cyclist off causing real injury, take care.

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