Could This 6-Stone Bicycle Caravan Change Cycling Holidays Forever?

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13 Responses

  1. Gaz Shaw says:

    Jealous I nevery came up with this idea ….Genius. ….perfect on the back of the tandem….

  2. Laurie parker says:

    I would ride the trails go to state parks initually.
    Please send size info. Costs located mfg plant

  3. Ken says:

    Not sure how this would work in wind or heavy vehicles passing . Looks great tho

  4. Jamie says:

    Yes please

  5. AIDY says:

    I have bike trailer but not as good as this one this is a amazing

  6. Joe Smith says:

    Good idea but come on 4000euro taking the piss of the leasure industry again.!!!!! . That’s a fair few nights in hostelries.

  7. Daphne Allen says:

    Love it. Would take it to Scotland! Could then keep away from the midgies!

  8. Angela says:

    Love the concept of this. Training for the C2C and this would be a dream to take. Unfortunately us mere mortals would be struggling to pay 4k. I’ll advertise it, if could pull it and keep it – for free. Lol. God loves a trier. Just a normal mum and her girlie pals trying to get fit. X

  9. John Lindsay says:

    Alternative is a tent, fraction of the weight!

  10. Andy Bangs says:

    Not rearly too expensive, a tents lighter a fraction of the price and cheaper to replace if damaged or stolen.

  11. Mark H. Hendricks says:

    So, why not attach an old fork out the back and eliminate the side wheels? This would allow you to lower it a bit and it would be dramatically easier to handle, especially in the wind. Frankly, I just don’t see an advantage of this over something larger, with “canvas” sides that would not catch nearly so much wind. All you are really looking for is a platform to get you off the ground, a place to store things and to keep the weather off of you. I see it as more of an expensive gimmick and novelty than a practical tool.

  12. Ryan says:

    This is a really unique idea! Can’t believe it’s only 40 kg but still, riding uphill would be difficult… But that’s the trade-off for having a convenient caravan =)

  13. David says:

    That’s Where a power assisted bike would be useful

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