Could Cycling ‘Fashion’ Improve the Perception of Cyclists?

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  1. Gerald says:

    Hey Pete,
    I must confess, I am most definitely one of those MAMILs you speak of. And I look good in my cycling kit, thank you very much!
    And I really want one of those Rapha sport coats, too. I’m so happy to see you focusing on great clothing for cyclists, because it is functional and it is out there.
    And you are asking a much more difficult question. How do we bridge the gap between cyclists and the rest of society. I know we are not doing ourselves any favors when we blast through red lights or weave through traffic. I’ve been hit by a taxicab in New York City (Or did I hit the taxi? It’s hard to remember now, its been so long.) I understand people’s frustrations with us MAMILs. Maybe, if we looked a little more confident, rather than so arrogant, we may appear more like the rest of society. It may become less Us vs Them and more about individuals trying to be understood.
    A functional shirt and a nice pair of jeans could be the start of people seeing similarities rather than differences.
    And under those functional, water repellent jeans with the reflective stitching, are my shaved legs that power me through the streets with power and grace. Sorry, I still gotta be me.
    Thanks for the great post Pete.

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