LUMO Herne Hill Harrington Jacket – Review

When reviewing products for Discerning Cyclist, I often find that they tend to lean more towards style or – as is more often the case – functionality. It is a rare case indeed that discovers the perfect balance between the two. 

In the ideal world, an onlooker shouldn’t even be able to recognise what you’re wearing as ‘cycling clothes’.

LUMO, however, have got it figured.

LUMO Herne Hill Harrington Jacket Cycling

I’ve been lucky enough over the last couple of months to be able to check out Lumo’s fetching Herne Hill Harrington Jacket and, despite being hopeful of the product ahead of its arrival, I can categorically state I was not left dissatisfied.

Before raging about this smart cycling jacket too much though, I should first address the elephant in the room. And, as is common with stylish cycling clothes, that elephant in the price tag. The Lumo Herne Hill Harrington Jacket is normally available for a steep £250 – which is more than enough to put many potential suitors off instantly – although it is currently on sale for a slightly more reasonable £166.67 – or £200 after VAT. LUMO really should list their prices with VAT on their site, in my mind.

If you haven’t completely bawked at the price tag and closed this page, then I’ll tell you a little more about this jacket, and how its value can be justified.

First off, this is far from a regular jacket. As with most LUMO products, the unique feature on show is quite literally illuminating.

As you can see in the video above, the LUMO Harrington Jacket offers a flashing blue/white LED light along the zip on the front, and a red LED light horizontally along the base on the back the jacket. Some may see this as a bit of a novelty feature, but it has been executed brilliantly and is so subtly incorporated into the jacket it deserves commending. 

The light is controlled with a small USB battery pack which can easily be removed in a discreet inside pocket to be recharged. Each charge lasts between 6-14 hours.

LUMO USB Battery

But as well as this unique feature, there is plenty more that this jacket has to offer.

There are two zipped front pockets, and a large subtle rear pocket with a magnetic fastening. The jacket is nice and long on the rear and offers plenty of coverage while riding, and also has two air vents over the shoulder blades which greatly adds to ventilation and breathability.

Further to this, the sleeves have been designed with cycling in mind with sculpted outer cuffs with Lycra inner cuffs to provide full windproofing. You’ll also find a zipped interior breast pocket, and a discreet mini pocket for the USB battery pack beneath this.

The detailing on the jacket is what makes the styling look tip-top. The jacket comes in navy blue, but the inside flaps over the zip and over the outer pockets feature a red/white polka dot design that looks fantastic.

LUMO Herne Hill Stylish Cycling Jacket

To finish it off, there are also various reflective features dotted around the jacket, and a lovely fleece inlining around the collar which makes it very cosy – which is also sealed with a magnet.

You should bear in mind though, that this is very much a lightweight jacket. In the coldest clutches of winter, this isn’t the jacket to keep you toasty warm – unless you are planning on going gung-ho on your ride. That said, this jacket is ideal for milder conditions. So, if the price doesn’t put you off, I would highly recommend this as your outer layer during spring, summer and milder autumn months.

LUMO Herne Hill Harrington Jacket












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