The Ultimate Survival Guide to Cycling in the Cold and Wet

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  1. Jayme says:

    Mudguards are the most important piece of equipment for wet weather cycling. About 50 % of the water that gets you in the rain comes off your tyres.

    Attitude is the key. The fact that you will get wet does not mean that you can not enjoy the ride.

  2. Andrew Scott says:

    The “gloves” link simply opened an Amazon search for mud guards. Are they a sponsor? A paragraph on an equally important item of clothing was surely warranted?

    • Ah darn’t. Thanks for pointing that out – that was merely incorrect linking on my part. Fixed now.

      Agreed that gloves are a vital piece of winter cycling kit, and I have a follow up post planned for this – hence the brevity of the description.


  3. Andy says:

    Enjoy every season they are all different.
    Autumn & Winter can be spectacular on a bike with just a little bit extra preparation.
    Top tip: Try replacing an inner tube on a cold dark night in the garden or outside your home to discover if there are any issues, such as do you need a head torch, how much longer does it take in the dark, do you get too cold & need extra clothes, etc.

  4. Oscar Hernandez says:

    Thanks for all the great Tips how to ride in the Wet Season, i can also recomend to use a Poncho from Otto London ( this great Poncho is not only a nice looking one but comfortable a keep you warm and dry an all this with style!

  5. Denis says:

    I would add a buff and a fine merino skull cap to perfect the outfit.
    A little extra tip yellow lenses sunglasses are good for contrast and bring a feeling of sunshine on a cloudy winter ride.

  6. John says:

    Aye, I like a buff as well. Some of the stuff I have from Decathlon and Aldi/Lidl is great. I bought a pair of gloves from the fishing section as they were waterproof. Great purchase. I need to get overshoes though before my feet start getting webbed!

  7. Eleni Papaioannou says:

    Smile! 🙂
    Cycling in the rain can be fun!

  8. Ian says:

    Cycling in Glasgow, good waterproofs are essential. I don’t regret spending a bit more than your recommended £10 on a pair of Endura waterproof overtrousers – they work over a pair of lycra shorts when the weather’s mild, tights when it’s cold and suit trousers on the way to work (I tend to change before leaving work and take a longer route home but like to arrive ready to strip off the top layer and start work).

    I cycle in Goretex trainers and change me shoes when I get to work. My feet have never got wet yet.

    Being bald I’d highly recommend a skullcap under your helmet and I’m definitely investing in a buff if I’m going to keep cycling through the rest of the winter.

  9. Jamie says:

    Surprised you haven’t listed waterproof socks here. They negate the need for overshoes and are twice as waterproof and twice as light. Sealskinz are the leading brand and coupled with overshoes you can ride for days in heavy rain without wet feet.

    It’s also nice when putting on wet shoes…your feet stay warm.

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