Get Your Own Ste Illustrates Prints

If you’re a fan of the awesome cycling illustrations that you’ll see from time-to-time on Discerning Cyclist, then you have come across the work of the super talented Ste Johnson!

Ste and I started Discerning Cyclist back in 2012, and he was absolutely integral in helping to get it off the ground – something which I’ll always be grateful to him for. Unfortunately for me, he decided to step back from DC a couple of years ago in order to start Ste Illustrates and have a crack at becoming a freelance illustrator – although he does still chip in and kindly help me out with the designing the odd banner for Discerning Cyclist sometimes!

If you’ve never met him, Ste is one of the friendliest, helpful and chatty guys you’ll have the pleasure of spending time with. And, it’s with great pleasure, I’d like to introduce you to some of his new prints which are now available to buy from just £3.50 from his Ste Illustrates Etsy shop!

BUY HERE: Ste Illustrates Cycle Types -

BUY HERE: Ste Illustrates Cycle Types Milk Monitor – A3 Print – £16

Visit the Ste Illustrates Etsy shop here.

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