Should Bikes, Cars & Pedestrians Be Separated?

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3 Responses

  1. Yeah, the number of vehicle and cycling accidents that happen around the world is absurb. I’m not sure about the attitude in the UK, but in the States folks driving vehicles “look down” upon cyclists. The attitude can be summarized like this: You’re in my way!

    Side note: I just found your blog today and it’s awesome! It’s a fresh spin on cycling that is much needed!

    Cheers and keep up the great site,


  2. Josh says:

    Definitely they should be separated. The main concern, however, is that the infrastructure of many countries is not setup in such a way. Some of the countries feel that it is more important to focus on other social issues because it is a general notion that people on the roads can take care of themselves since there are enough road rules for everyone. But it would be interesting to see how they can separate the different types of riders and how does that go in future.

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