How to Transform Your Bike into Fashionable Decor

It’s estimated that more than half a million bikes are stolen in the UK each and every year, and experts are striving to encourage more and more of us to take better care of our bikes when they’re not in use. One way we can do this is by storing them inside the home, which is considered to be far more safe and secure than leaving them outdoors. Sounds easy, but consider this – how many of us actually have the additional floor space at home required to store a 20-inch frame?

With the ‘cluttered house, cluttered mind’ proverb ringing true for many of us, we’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to declutter the home. Many of us try to incorporate clever storage solutions that enable everything to have its own space, while still maintaining a modern, trendy atmosphere. Introducing a mountain bike into the equation doesn’t quite work… or does it?

How to store your bike home

If we’re successful in locating revolutionary storage options for holding all our random bits and bobs at home, why can’t we come up with some cutting-edge solutions for indoor bike storage? How about an answer that incorporates the bike into the existing home decor, transforming it into something that’s almost a work of art, rather than a piece of exercise equipment?

We’re starting to see more and more cyclists around the world taking this approach, with bikes hung from walls, hung from ceilings, attached to the underside of the stairs, or even held in place by a cleverly-designed bookcase or set of shelves. The idea is gaining such popularity that there have even been successful Kickstarter campaigns for the design and manufacture of specialised hooks that make bicycles the artistic centre of the home.

What’s really great about this concept is that it can relate to practically anything – anything that takes up room in the home, or clutters the place up, and needs a revolutionary storage solution to transform it from an eyesore into something you actually want to look at. Other exercise equipment such as pull-up bars, weights, kettlebells, or lightweight stationary bikes could all be stored safely and securely in this manner. So too could kids’ toys, kitchen essentials and cookware, or large amounts of linen – it’s all about embracing the items, rather than trying to brush them under the rug and hide them away. Consider taking a different approach to storage and you may just be surprised!

Where/how do you store your bike? Comment below.

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