A Cycling Poncho?

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  1. Vincent says:

    > I struggled to truly understand the benefits of having a poncho instead a waterproof jacket

    With a cape/poncho long enough, possibly complemented with overshoes, you’ll be totally dry, unlike with a jacket which requires adding a pair of pants + overshoes.

    Besides, a waterproof jacket is a lot more expensive, and the jacket + pants combo is a no-no in summer rains or if you need to ride uphill (sauna effect): A poncho/cape is much better in that respect too.

    As for carrying a backpack/messenger bag: Get either the Carradice Pro-Route or the Fulap. Both are big enough to accomodate.

  2. To solve the rain problem I looked to cyclists who _had_ to ride in weather, vis. nineteenth-century English policemen. They used raincapes. I bought a cycling poncho from https://www.aerotechdesigns.com/ in Pennsylvania that always keeps me completely dry (and of course I have a set of fenders on my bike).

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