Cycling to the Office PART 3: Footwear

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  1. Tim says:

    Two thoughts that might be helpful.

    First: waterproof socks, such as Sealskinz, can keep your feet dry and warm at least.

    Second: with trainers you can go all McGyver and waterproof your own trainers. You can get special sprays but I like the idea of the following using beeswax:

  2. The plus of the boots, for me, is warmth *and* waterproofing – only on the very coldest days am I forced to double up on socks 🙂

    If I’m riding a flat pedalled bike in Summer, I go with trainers, generally (which ever I happen to be wearing when the errand &c needs running). The trainers I have would be way too cold in winter, I think 🙂

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