Sako7Socks – Review

Style and panache on one’s bicycle are paramount. For someone with a little more talent I imagine they probably ‘let their legs do the talking’… if my legs could talk they’d probably be saying “can we get off now” or “when’s the cafe stop”. To this end I have no option but to let my socks do the talking.

According to ‘Velominati‘ Rules #27 – Socks should be like Goldilocks – not too long and not too short and Rule #28 – Socks can be any damn colour you like. Whilst browsing to fulfill my cycling sock fetish it”s important to note that, yes I want beautiful socks, but they need to be fully functional and I don’t want to be sporting socks that every other cafe stop cyclist is also enjoying.

Sako7Socks seem to have rules #27 and #28 nailed… six inch socks made in conjunction with DeFeet and yet colourful enough to put the un-enlightened off.  Plus, because you’re ordering from sunny Cape Town, South Africa, Chester Road Club’s other cycling athletes won’t yet be furnishing their legs with these beauties.

Sako7Socks cycling socks

Within 10 days my Sako7’s arrived; as previously noted, they’re made in conjunction with DeFeet so the quality is primo. They’re quite thin in nature so perfectly suited to sunny days, sadly it was smashing down in not-so-sunny Chester, but – what the heck – these socks needs wearing.

Sporting my New York Hipster edition socks I joined the lads for our 20 mile three-up. I was the envy of the whole city (I imagine) as I showed up, and it was pretty fortunate I was wearing such a sock as my cycling certainly did not do the talking as the other two chaps dragged me round.

In summary: never do a three-up with two lads who are built like tanks, and get yourself involved Sako7Socks.

You can buy Sako7Socks here, but you can also find a limited range at Wiggle for £8.99 with quicker and cheaper delivery.

This post was by Matt Bithell, “average cyclist for the Chester Road Club.”

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