Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Case – Review


Okay, this might not be a ‘cycling accessory’, per se, but it is certainly a life accessory. And, as cycling is a part of life, I’m gonna say it’s fine to review a case for a phone. It needs protection especially if you throw it on a bag during your ride after all…

Anyway, onto the review…

Mr Nutcase has been going for a number of years and offer personalised phone cases. Essentially, you upload your own design onto their website, and they’ll print it off as a lovely case for your smart phone. So whether you want to upload a photo, a collage or another design – it’s totally up to you.

They seem to have near enough every smart phone model covered, so if you’re looking for a custom iPhone case, or a Samsung Galaxy S5 case, as was my preference – you should be able to get a cover for your phone.

The design process is easy, just upload the file you want straight from your computer. It may take a while to tweak to ensure that the camera slots and such don’t impact your picture too badly, but it’s quite enjoyable.

I opted to go for the ‘Ultra Light Weight Slimline Case’ for £14.95 rather than the ‘Executive Flip Leather Case’ for £19.95 – not because I’m a cheap skate (well…), but because I prefer keeping easy access to my phone. Both also come with free delivery as an added bonus. Naturally, I opted to use one of Ste Illustrate’s wonderful designs to maintain the Discerning Cyclist theme.

The Slimline Case is a mere 2mm thick and is made from polycarbonate – which provides a strong yet flexible cover, which, as Mr Nutcase state, is incredibly lightweight. The case is also scratch resistant and is very easy to fit and remove from your phone, and of course features all of the necessary gaps for your camera and speakers etc.

The case arrived promptly with next day delivery on offer and this was the result…


Mr Nutcase have also kindly offered a 10% discount to Discerning Cyclist visitors. Simply enter the promo code ‘Thanku10’ when prompted at the checkout.


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