Closca Folding Bike Helmet – Review

Closca Folding Helmet











  • Folding functionality works well
  • Compact for carrying around


  • Unflattering, bulky design
  • Cap style doesn't look right

3 Responses

  1. Matthew Barnett says:

    1 star.

    Terrible helmet and terrible purchasing experience.

    The helmet is designed very badly. It does not stay in the open position properly without you having to pull the chin strap on so tightly beyond normal. The material of the cap is bad too, it seems very cheap and nothing like the photos online. I did not use the item once, because it was too uncomfortable.

    Worst about the whole experience was the Closca service. I have had to file a case with Paypal because they have not refunded me.

    For the tiny bit of folding effect you get from this helmet, the questionable safety of it does not justify the product. Added on top the terrible service by Closca, I can only strongly recommend that you do not purchase this helmet. Returns have to be made to Spain, and that costs you £17 for a tracked delivery return! Hardly worth the effort!

  2. Araújo says:

    Very satisfied. Very nice, perfect fit after adjustment, perfect service and supplying speed. I am Portuguese and the supplier is Spanish. The ones who knows our rivality can understand that I really love this helmet

  3. Luke says:

    Dreadful service/ theft?. They never sent the helmet even though I paid. i can’t get anyone to resolve it. Don’t touch this mob

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