3 Vital Cycling Accessories for Rainy Days

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  1. All good. But… you’ll need to re-lube your chain after using WD40 – it’s a water displacement agent, not a lubricant!

  2. Mudguards – I think it’s hard to beat a proper set – SKS chromoplastics, or similar (Stronglight do a decent set that Spa had on offer for £18 recently).

    The cheaper ‘guards are better than nothing, but using them, you’ll cover other people, and your drivetrain (more expensively) in crud – riding on wet roads, or in the wet, full ‘guards are worth the money.

  3. Phil says:

    Full mudguards are a definite necessity; I would also add that mudflaps are an extra help in keeping water and unspecified road gunk off both your clothing and drivetrain. After finding commercial ones too short, I made my own from flexible plastic chopping mats from Morrisons- two pieces cut into a cricket bat shape and laminated together with gaffer tape- with the ‘handle’ then zip tied to the mudguard. I have one at the back of each guard, with a further piece extending down the front of the rear guard preventing crap getting thrown forward from the wheel on to my chain. They are strong enough to stop most things being deposited on me or the bike, flexible enough to bend on contact with anything solid and very cheap. I worked the cost out at about £5 for both wheels, I haven’t had to oil my chain in months because the oil isn’t being washed off and neither is it getting dirtier because crap isn’t making it from ground to chain.

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