Swrve Cycling Trousers – Review

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  1. John says:

    Hmm!! Nice strides but £88; I’d be thinking a couple of suits for that sort of money.

    • The design, function and construction in cycling specific clothing is such that it costs more to produce hence the increased cost. They’re usually of a much better quality and thus will last a lot longer than your usual piece of clothing.

      Also 2 suits for £88 is awesome! Where are you getting those from? 😉

  2. SteveP says:

    I’ve got a pair of the Swrve cycling jeans. They are quite light and are fine around the town for short trips. Not particularly cycle-oriented, IMHO. There are a couple of reflective belt loops that would be hidden by any type of jacket. There is a sort of painted-on reflective patch that is sort of visible when you roll up the right leg just so. And there is an angled rear pocket that seems to be for your phone, but if you put one in there and ride a mile or two, your phone will have fallen out long ago – no zips, no high-friction liner, just a thought not too effectively put into practice.

    If these jeans interest you, go for the Levi’s – better quality and features but also heavier fabric and more Lycra feel – less denim.

    I’ve one set of riding trousers that has a reflective sewn-in panel in one rear pocket that you can pull out when riding. I also think at least one zipped pocket is mandatory.

    Oh – and the Swrve jeans lack a coin pocket. Possibly unimportant to some, but I find it handy and miss it.

  3. they look ok, and i’m on my second pair, but they dont last more than a couple of months, which makes them very very expensive.

    I’ve since emailed them regarding the poor quality, but theyre not the sort that actually give a hoot.

    I’m going for Mavic next time, a brand to trust!

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