Stylish Cycling Clothes – Selection #002

Cycling Winter Cartoon Illustration

Interviews and a mammoth post about merino have been the way of life this week at the DC but it’s still not denied us the pleasure of nosing around the web looking at great gear for on the bike and beyond. We’re finding great new gear everyday plus with existing brands launching new wares it’s quite exciting seeing stylish cycling clothes on the up, we even saw ladies jeans for cycling (thank you Minx Girl).

So here’s our round up of the treats, bits and bobs that have tickled our fancy this week.

Stylish cycling clothes

1. Skinny City Jacket
Available from Pistard for €180 this jacket is lightweight and stylish but has great function built into it. Also has detachable arms to make a gillet if one gets a tad warmer cycling along.

2. Maloja Rosina Jersey Moonless
Available from Minx Girl for £69. Designed to keep you warm in the cold cycling days but this jersey also comes with a great unique look to make it stand out from the crowd.

3. Pentacle Pants
Available from Nau for $135. These just look like the latest high street fashionable legwear for the ladies but it’s Nau and they’ve added the durability and quality they always do.

4. Merino Wool Polo
Available from Solo for £85. A very sharp and classic looking polo made from 100% mid-weight merino. It’s got the function and it’s got the looks. Perfect.

5. San Remo Classic Turtle Neck
Available from Velobici for £120. An alternative to the wool polo above. Made from 100% fine gauge Italian Merino wool, this screams sophisticatation. Worn with a blazer you can be ultra smart with a chunk of cool worn on the bike – well I’ve already said it.

6. The Satchel by Linus
Available from The Cyclr for £59.99. A bag that works as a satchel (as the name would suggest) and a pannier. A minimal well made design with a vintage look. Certainly looks the part as you pedal along.

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