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In their own words – Cycle Love is about the stuff that makes cycling great, and celebrating the diversity of cycle culture — bikes *and* people. Well owner of the Cycle Love website, James Greig has taken that one step further and produced a smart looking t-shirt which celebrates & promotes cycle love. The t-shirt made from 100% cotton features the cycle love logo and comes in white & black.

With such a simple, classic look these t-shirts are perfect for casual riding, looking great on & off the bike.

CycleLove Shirt
Cycle Love

The t-shirt is £24.99 and comes with free UK delivery plus some very nice free stickers.

You can pick yours t-shirt up here.

As the t-shirt comes in white and black it means it’s easy to mix and match them with other cycling gear to create a stylish outfit suitable for the ride and beyond so we’ve whipped up with a quick outfit suggestion using the cycle love t-shirt.

Stylish Cycling Clothes

Softshell Jacket from Vulpine for £160.00

The white Cycle Love cotton tee from Cycle Love for £24.99

Commuter 511 Skinny jeans from Levi’s for £80.00

High Top Worker Sneakers from Levi’s for £80.00

2 Responses

  1. PeerQ says:

    I recently purchased a Cycle Love t-shirt as a gift and was delighted by the attention to detail – right down to the vacuum packaging and stickers. It is great to see someone out there making great gear for the bike obsessed cyclist.

    • Hi man,

      James has got a great eye for detail and he’s so passionate about it. He’s just ordered some more t-shirts too in new colours and I expect there’s a lot more to come from the Cycle Love brand.

      Thanks for the comment boss


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