Best Cycling Clothes – Casual Ride

If you’ve only got a short commute or you’re going out to town for the day and you’re travelling by bike, Discerning Cyclist has put together this little collection of stylish cycling attire that will serve you well – while riding and even enjoying a beer with friends.

Casual Cycling Clothes

1. Commuter Hooded Trucker (£115.00)
available from Levi’s

A perfect jacket for the casual ride. Very well built and looks stylish whilst pedalling and whilst walking about town. Water-resistant and dirt-repellent. Just what you need.

2. Short Sleeve Merino Polo (£79.00 – but available from Cycle Surgery for £59)
available from Vulpine / Cycle Surgery

It does seem strange to pay more for the t-shirt than the jacket – but this is top quality cycling clothing. Ticks the stylish box and also a great layer to wear not just for casual rides but for more serious pedal-powered journeys. The merino wool is also odourless and very comfortable. Essential.

3.Vulpine Storm Cap (£35.00)
available from Vulpine

Mainly for the bike this one, but can be worn off as thanks to its trendier style – better than your average baseball cap anyway! This cap is built to withstand a downpour so ideal with the Velo Jacket to help keep any drops of rain away. Easily stored in a pocket when not needed.

4. Heslop Jeans (£75.00)
available from Howies

Again a pricey garment but like the Vulpine Polo it’s a piece of smart cycling attire that will stay with you for years to come. The skinny legs are not too tight but are close enough to help with chain clearance and of course are a great look for when you’re a man about town.

And that concludes Discerning Cyclist’s style ideas for a casual cycle ride. Do you agree? Have you got any suggestions that may look just as good or saves on cost. We’d love to hear from you.

2 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    Totally love your site. Although it would be nice to present some gears which are good looking and quite affordable. Maybe as a “special”? Or is there a connection between Vulpine and Howies and you?

    Cheers from Berlin


    • Hi Mario,

      We will be looking at providing a few posts with some cheaper alternatives in the future! Howies and Vulpine are independent from us, but they do very good gear!


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